University of Kentucky                        Dates                        Ratings

Human Resource MGMT (3 courses)   Spring 2023             4.8/5 (Hybrid)

Human Resource MGMT (3 courses)   Fall 2022                  4.5/5 (Hybrid)

Organizational Behavior                        Fall 2020                  4.7/5 (Hybrid)

Organizational Behavior                        Fall 2021                  4.6/5 (Online)

Principles of Management                     Winter 2020              Unavailable (Online)


Somerset Community College             Dates                         Ratings

Algebra -50 Courses                               2009 - 2015               4.9/5 (In-person)



“This is my second class with Jason. I took this class just because he was teaching it! He is an amazing professor and treats students like real people. He doesn't like to trick people with exams because he really just wants us to know the information rather than just memorizing it. He was super responsive to emails as well as more than helpful. I hope everyone gets to have Jason through Gatton/UK. I would take any other class he would teach no questions asked!”- OB class at UK.

"It is very clear Jason cares a lot about his students and that shows in his class. I very much enjoyed taking a class with him. I respected his ways as a teacher and really enjoyed his very fair approach in teaching."- OB class at UK.


"Jason was accessible and understanding. He helped us succeed in the class and made it easy to like the class."- OB class at UK.

"Jason is very genuine and cares about his students. He incorporated real-life experiences into the material which made it more enjoyable."- HR class at UK.

"The real-world examples that Jas gave about HR was valuable and helped connect the material to real life. The class project also helped ingrain the material." - HR class at UK.

“Words cannot describe what a great job Jason Ross does in teaching this course. He is absolutely fantastic. He explains the material very well. He goes the extra mile to make sure his students know the material. He stays after class, comes in early, provides phone support, email support and also comes in to tutor on his out of class days. I have had many teachers in my 47 years of life, but Jason Ross will never be forgotten. If only all the teachers were as dedicated to their students as Jason. If only all the teachers were as passionate about teaching as Jason. Somerset Community College (SCC) should feel privileged to have such a wonderful person on staff. Hats off to Jason Ross. I would give anything to have him as my math 110 teacher and math 150 teacher. I would continue taking math classes just to have him as an instructor. Jason Ross is priceless. I cannot say enough about this fine young man, I was blessed to have been in his class. Thank you so much Jason, job well done. Please, I hope you recognize these teachers who go above and beyond.”

“Wonderful instructor! Best at S.C.C.  He is concerned whether his students are understanding the material or not and will go above and beyond to help them if they do not. He is an amazing instructor we need more like Jason Ross at S.C.C”

“I have had Jason Ross for two semesters and have enjoyed each one. I want to add that I'm not very good in math, but Jason has been very patient with me with tutoring me on the side. I appreciate Mr. Ross, because he is one teacher that wants each one of his students to succeed. In my book he is an asset to Somerset Community College.  Thank you Mr. Ross for taking the time for me.”

“Jason Ross is a wonderful teacher.  His class was my favorite one, because he was helpful and he explained in detail and kept the class interesting. I would recommend him to any student. He was truly a great teacher.”

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Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Management at Western Carolina University. My research focuses on reconnecting with those fr...